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Keepsfresh is Singapore’s friendly neighbourhood mini supermarket, supplying  in the highest quality fresh products for the community of West Coast.  On top of that with Covid-19, Keepsfresh assist the population’s change of lifestyle by providing lived frozen seafood and fresh frozen meat with ready to cook food to ease their daily busy lives by saving them time to go to wet market to buy their essential daily food. 

Since 2001, we have our own shrimp farms in Indonesia. We supply nearly 60% of the shrimps to the Singapore market. Besides this we also process dried bird nests.

In-House Cold Store Using IQF Technology

MrsLee our shop owner was the founder of Jurong Cold Store Pte Ltd. It is a cold storage warehouse where clients can store their frozen products. It is one of the most innovative, cost efficient and personalised services provided for our clients to meet their logistic and distribution requirements. It was established in 1998 and is fully automated. We handle mainly lived frozen seafood and frozen fresh meat for distribution to the Singapore market.


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