Buckweat Noodle

Packing : ±85g per pack


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Buckweat Noodle 乐多多荞麦面
Packing : ±85g per pack
(3pcs individually hygiene packed /三片卫生独立包装)

FREE FROM OIL! FREE FROM PRESERVATIVES! FREE FROM FOOD COLORING! Ideal for breakfast , lunch and dinner . Healthy , delicious , QQ, non soggy, kiddy and elderly friendly. Put directly into steamboat, cook in soup, eat as dry, fried, cold, gravy noodles etc. NO NEED BLANCH WITH WATER. 乐多多营养健康面,健脾养胃, 面是双蒸技术蒸熟, 无需过水,可直接放入上汤烹煮,也可以做干捞面, 炒面,吃火锅都可以开心快乐享用,当早餐,午餐,晚餐都非常爽滑可口,保证带给你和家人惊喜口感!无增添防腐剂, 无色素,你最佳的选择!Wolfberry Noodles 乐多多枸杞面