Bosca Toselli White

(Non Alcoholic Beverage – Alcohol Free)


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Halal certified.

All the pleasure of sparkles, with nothing more. Not even the alcohol.
In Toselli we find all the special features of its white grapes, selected and harvested only when their sweetness and acidity are perfectly balanced. On the tongue, acacia flowers and honey season the floral base notes with a pinch of acidity, while the timid straw-yellow color is the backdrop for the aroma of grape-must, so delicately sweet.

Pairings: salads, sheep or goat fresh cheese, rice with orange slices, traditional Arabic cuisine, labneh over vegetables or bread, feta, seffa. Panettone or Pandoro, pound cake, cheesecake, pastries, meringue and dried or candied fruits, dates.