Costa Arente Valpolicella Ripasso DOC 2017

Pack size: 750ml


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It was a farmer’s intuition to realize that from Amarone’s pomace it was still possible to obtain much more. For this reason, he decided to ‘referment’ the Valpolicella wine on Amarone’s pomace and let it to absorb more complex aromas increasing its structure. After ten days, the basic Valpolicella has become a wine with fuller body, higher alcohol content and a greater complexity of aromas and flavours. In this way, a new production method was born and immediately adopted as part of the tradition in the Valpolicella area: the Ripasso. Costa Arènte Ripasso is an excellent wine with a deep purple red colour and bouquet, clean in its complexity. The structure and strength are those of a wine whose references to Amarone are immediately recognisable. Harmonious with soft velvety tannins, it caresses the palate and opens out with a lingering smooth finish. Great complexity and concentration. Ideal with risotto with porcini mushrooms or rich pastas, any meat and seasoned cheeses.

Alcohol content: 15% vol