Packaging: 720ml


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The floral aroma reminiscent of pear and melon and the delicate balance of sweetness and sourness spread across your tongue each sip, and the aftertaste rolls in pleasantly like an echo. A special edition from the usual Kubota Manjyu & Senjyu.

500 years of sake making experience have culminated in Kubota, a sake said to be one of the finest around. This crowning achievement has a plush texture with several layers of flavour. Each sip is a new journey, revealing more and more, like watching an artist paint up a gorgeous portrait. With countless gold medals under its belt and this highly recommended Kubota sake has a timeless taste that can be enjoyed with any food. Recommended pairing with premium meat such as Kobe wagyu beef and Black pork.

Japanese Name: 久保田 万寿 純米大吟醸
Prefecture: Niigata
Volume: 720ml / 1.8ltr
SMV: +2
Alcohol %: 15-16%